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The project will host two summer workshops at the University of St. Thomas – Thursday, July 30th through Saturday August 1st, 2015; Thursday July 21st through July 23rd, 2016.

We have invited six distinguished philosophers and theologians to participate each year. The 2015 call for submissions for four additional participant spots is now closed. We are now accepting applications for the 2016 workshop.  All selected participants’ attendance will be funded by the project. In addition, we are funding the attendance of two seminary instructors (of any religious affiliation). The call for seminary participant submissions for the 2015 workshop is now closed.  We are now accepting applications for the 2016 workshop.

Each of the participants will circulate a work in progress prior to the workshop. These papers will be pre-read by participants and the majority of the workshop will be devoted to intensive discussion of the papers.

Confirmed Participants in the 2016 Workshop Include:

  1. Jeffrey Brower (Purdue University), God as the Supreme Good—Anselm’s Other Argument
  2. Lindsay Cleveland (Baylor University), Classical Theism & Theistic Accounts of Properties: A Thomistic Alternative to Platonism.
  3. Daniel De Haan (University of Cambridge), The Truthmaker Defense of Divine Simplicity and God’s Omni-Attributes.
  4. Steve Duby (Grand Canyon University), Divine Immutability, Divine Action and the God-world Relation.
  5. Agustin Echavarria (Universidad de Navarra), Aquinas on Divine Impeccability.
  6. Bonnie Kent (University of California-Irvine), Freedom, Sinlessness, and Security in Heaven.
  7. Alexander Pruss (Baylor University), Some Arguments for Divine Simplicity.
  8. Katherin Rogers (University of Delaware), An Anselmian Approach to Divine Simplicity.
  9. Robin Seelan (Loyola College, Chennai), The Coherence Or The Paradox of Omnibenevolence and Panentheism.
  10. Mariusz Tabaczek (Institute for Advanced Study, Notre Dame), From Causal Non-Reductionism and Emergentism to New Aristotelianism and Aquinas’ View of Divine Action.
  11. Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College), God in Us: Self-knowledge and Embodiment in Medieval Mysticism.


Past participants and paper titles from the 2015 Workshop:

  1. Fr. Miguel Brugarolas (University of Navarra), Divine Simplicity and Creation of Man. Gregory of Nyssa on the distinction between the Uncreated and the created.
  2. Caleb Cohoe (Metropolitan State University), Unity Itself: Plotinus, Divine Simplicity, and Perfect Being Theology
  3. Richard Cross (The University of Notre Dame), Duns Scotus on God’s Nature and Attributes: Metaphysics, Semantics, and the Greek Patristic Tradition
  4. Petr Dvorak (Palacky University; Czech Academy of Sciences), Logical Pluralism and Divine Conceptualism
  5. Johannes Grossl (University of Siegen), Timeless Divine Reaction
  6. William Hasker (Huntington College), Is Divine Simplicity A Mistake?
  7. Michelle Panchuk (University of South Carolina), The Simplicity of Divine Ideas
  8. Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis University), The Personal God of Classical Theism
  9. Sandra Visser (Valparaiso University), God’s Knowledge of an Unreal Future
  10. Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP (Dominican House of Studies), Divine Simplicity and the Holy Trinity
  11. Linda Zagzebski (Oklahoma University), Omnisubjectivity and Christian Doctrine
  12. Karen Chan (St. Patrick’s Seminary).


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